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Sort of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) demonstrated by MOL Indonesia


Participants from MOL Indonesia fill in their registration forms


A bit afraid, but as a good member of the MOL Group, it’s more important to support our CSR efforts.

MOL Indonesia did not want to be left behind when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The company held a Blood Donation Day December 9, in collaboration with the Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI), an Indonesia Red Cross organization.   

MOL Indonesia was the second company in its office complex to put on this kind of event. The first was the building management, which held a blood drive twice a year. There were three shipping companies located in the same complex as MOL Indonesia – Wanhai Lines and Hub Lines – and MOL Indonesia is proud to be the first to take such an aggressive approach to CSR. In fact, we may be the first in all of Indonesia.

Indonesia has seen a tremendous increase in demand for blood, especially after the tsunami in Banda Aceh, North Sumatra, earthquakes in Nabire (Papua) and Bengkulu (South Sumatra), and a recent outbreak of dengue fever. So MOL Indonesia saw a blood drive as a way to make an immediate contribution to society.

We invited PMI, which sent a team of doctors and nurses. Originally, we expected only 50 donors (35 from MOL Indonesia and 15 from employees nearby in the complex). But the response was so amazing that eventually 77 donors gave up a bit of their blood. At the end of the event, we still had five willing participants who were unable to donate because PMI had run out of needles!

After the event, MOL Indonesia employees were happy and proud to take part in such an important event. The atmosphere at work that day was one of caring and brotherhood. It was a good sign that CSR is positive to the company as well as to stakeholders.

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MOL Indonesia Director Jayadi Panjiwijaya also donated his blood.

  A total of 35 participants from MOL Indonesia contributed to the event.

Certificate from PMI (Indonesia Red Cross)


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